E2Picons Manager 2019 (без обсуждений)

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E2Picons Manager 2019 (без обсуждений)
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2Picons Manager 2019 by MMark

E2Picon Manager is a manager for the picons of sat channels.

Through the LameDB file present in the settings, E2picons can create separate folders, dividing the Picons based on the satellite to which they belong. Create the zipped packages for each of the created folders, can create folders containing more satellites (union) and relative zip.

E2Picons can export the Zip files created on a remote server (useful for distribute Picons from FTP server), but can also export the single PNG files in the picons folder of their decoder using their ftp client that supports multiple configurations for several servers. But it's not over, E2Picons can resize the Picons at different resolutions by choosing between the predefined resolutions or by entering the parameters manually, besides you can create personalized picons by modifying the background and applying filters on 3 layers, to allow everyone to create their own picons customized . There is also a wide range of configurations including multilingual support.

* E2Picons .zip
(789.62 КБ ~ Скачиваний: 11)

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